poetry by j matthew waters

Sunday Sports Bar

It was Sunday and we slept in
and skipped Mass
instead settled for a cozy little
tavern offering a brunch buffet and
make-your-own Bloody Mary bar

Flat screen TVs lined the upper
walls between knick-knacks and
artwork and craft beer signs
airing multiple football contests
and golf and X games

In the far back corner a dozen
patrons encircled a table
the television above them
airing the Papal visit in Philadelphia
every once in a while whooping
it up and pumping their fists
signaling to all the faithful
the Pope had scored again

september two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Sports Bar

  1. How dare they introduce religion into Sunday sport. Is nothing sacred?

  2. I think this is a most interesting take on the papal visit. Your imagination has scored again.

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