poetry by j matthew waters

Session 101

I told the doctor I hadn’t been feeling
quite like myself
told her I’ve lost some weight
and kept waking up at three am
on the button
for the past ten days

I’d get up and take a leak
in the dark
imagining the moon was staring
at me from behind the drawn shade
watching my every move

After a few moments of silence
she finally got the courage
to tell me to go on

There’s nothing more to say
I said as if nothing was wrong
and I got up and left
feeling perfectly fine

september two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “Session 101

  1. I think the moon might be peeking though

  2. Can relate to this, been feeling a bit like that myself (not my usual perky self!) Sometimes, just telling someone else is all we need. I find doctors rarely come up with the right solutions anyway. On other hand, I’d hate to be a doctor – what a responsibility!

  3. Pleasant Street on said:

    The moon as voyeur is a great image

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