poetry by j matthew waters


little hands reach for stars
dangling on strings overhead
dying to be called upon by
mystics challenged to ignite
their transparent inner workings

wet tea leaves randomly stuck
across the blackboard
challenge their inquisitive minds
made to solve complex problems
with unmistakable ingenuity

there are no wrong answers
circulating in this classroom
free from outside corruptions
and ideological interferences
where real ideas for lasting peace
and harmony
become smashed
into bits
and pieces

november two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “brainstorming

  1. Reading this as I am listening to, and watching, reports from Paris.

    “where real ideas for lasting peace
    and harmony
    become smashed
    into bits
    and pieces”

    I know most of humanity is horrified yet there is that small percentage who will rejoice for various arcane reasons.

    Is there a civil society in the future for my grandchildren?

  2. This is so profound and true to our world’s events, John. I worry about the future of my children, and they’re young adults now. What about their future children and my sister’s grandkids? The world has gone crazy and I don’t know what the solution is…it’s scary and tragic, but we have to hold onto that minute ray of hope to keep moving forward…thanks for a beautiful poem…

    • Thank you, Lauren. I actually wrote this piece in the morning hours before the events in Paris unfolded. Our world has so much potential for greatness but it seems there are some distorted minds who would rather destroy the beauty all the rest of us call home. I too hold a ray of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

  3. It has happened for so long.. such devastation, such loss that is far larger than the many dead… I wonder how much death there will be before we get back on track.

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