poetry by j matthew waters

a roadmap of revenge

we studied together
and recited psalms
years ago
when nobody knew your name

you kept mostly to yourself
reading scripture at night
and eschewing violence
while everyone else
danced beneath artificial lights

when the world fell apart
you slipped through the cracks
resurfacing deep inside a madness
that was nothing short of prophetic

years later I was called before
a makeshift court
forced to testify
how you had solely masterminded
a roadmap of revenge
leading to misery and destruction

what I had witnessed
would make no difference
not as long as you continued
stabbing westward
unseen and unafraid
daring an uncertain world to stop you

november two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “a roadmap of revenge

  1. We may meet them as terrorists but they once were good kids trying to make sense of an insane world. They had choices, like you and I. Yet somewhen they made a fatally wrong choice.

  2. Excellently put. How is it that the weed always grows stronger than the flower?

  3. Your last several posts are bone-chillingly profound. In so many cases/places, evil seems to bloom where political regimes have obliterated the citizen’s hopes and dreams, leaving young, frequently uneducated minds gullible recruits for heinous organizations commanding them to wreak havoc on a world they envy…

    • Thank you for taking the time to visit and share your thoughts, Shauna. As the world becomes smaller it continues to become more dangerous. Hopefully, the tides will soon turn in favor of all that is good in the world.

  4. Unbelievable. How easily you put the harsh reality into words. One of the top most post of yours, John. I must say.

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