poetry by j matthew waters

pomp and glorious circumstance

so I hear everything happens for a reason
which certainly includes my birth
a byproduct of an irish girl
and a self-determined misunderstood man

sure I got kicked around
but that was for my own good
degraded and humiliated and put in place
for no other reason than to be reminded
exactly who was in charge

but as the bible says a man must leave his mother
and cling to his dreams

but my dreams were awkwardly inconsistent
and so I ran away on god’s command
and became a soldier child
joining the ranks of the finest of misfits
who learn to forget they ever had a past
and learn to kill without thinking or feeling

out on the fringes there is no need
for marlboros or whiskey or california weed
there is only the desire to survive
by sipping on desert spring water
and feasting on exotic butterflies

and if you are fortunate enough
to die a violent death
there is an even better chance
you will find yourself adorned within
a field of the brightest wildflowers

december two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “pomp and glorious circumstance

  1. this is great writing! ❤ it

  2. The “feasting on exotic butterflies” gave me the most of chills… to be born to end up in a place like that… awesome writing.

  3. Stunning write. Beautiful, powerful and horrible at the same time.

  4. denise0904 on said:

    love this…”out on the fringes there is no need
    for marlboros or whiskey or california weed”

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