poetry by j matthew waters

apple orchard hired hands

the apples in the orchard
have ripened beautifully

they are calling out to passersby
saying pick me
pick me
pick me

neighbor boys arrive from
miles away
unfold their ladders and
climb like monkeys
picking apples by hand and
dropping them into wooden crates

sometimes they miss
sometimes they bounce out
but mostly they are spot on

when the boys have exhausted
all of their resources
they haul away their crates
full of ripened apples
and disappear into the horizon

on their way out they are met
by pretty maidens
dressed in bib coveralls
marching like soldiers with
apple pickers in tow
called in from a nearby county
to finish the job
the boys could not

december two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “apple orchard hired hands

  1. It was fun to go back to fall and apples while it’s snowing out. This is playful and fun

  2. La Multi Ani 2016— Happy New Year 2016

    Gândiţi-vă la trecerea dintre ani ca la o poartă. Puteţi să treceţi prin această poartă în noul an şi să luaţi cu voi doar lucrurile şi gândurile bune. LA MULŢI ANI!
    Consider the passage of years as a target. You can go through this gate into the new year and to take with you only good things and thoughts. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  3. I love the wholesome scene you paint here with your words.

  4. I think the boys tend to get the first pick always…

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