poetry by j matthew waters

outside it was stone cold

there were photographs
plastered against the living
room walls

the place was a mess

there were old newspapers
and magazines
on the coffee table
and end tables
some of them cut up and
some of them barely touched

the place smelled of coffee and
cigarettes and kitty litter

some of the photographs
on the walls
had been scribbled on with blue
thin-tipped sharpies
scribbled with dates
and names
and emoticons
and many many question marks

outside it was stone cold

deep down inside
the photographs
were the only sane things
that kept a hopeful tomorrow alive

january two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “outside it was stone cold

  1. I really wonder what a place that was… really wonder.

  2. love this. and the background music while you were reading. (!)

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