poetry by j matthew waters

all alone inside the big house

I woke up to what sounded like
faint laughter coming from the living room

of course I could have been dreaming

I lay in the dark fully awake and surprisingly
at ease
just waiting to hear more laughter

the blinds were drawn but I knew damn well
it was still cold and dark outside

I looked at my wrist watch and wondered
if it had snowed

and then suddenly
the laughter came again
this time livelier and from multiple sources
much louder than the laughter
that had initially stirred me

(the big house makes many sounds anymore
now that I am the only one left)

I wondered if they had found the goods
stashed inside the walls
and false ceiling
wondered if they had found the mind-altering
substances that left me paralyzed
and perfectly at peace

january two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “all alone inside the big house

  1. Your mind is a wonderful, imaginative place. I love the audio

  2. Tom Phelan on said:

    …another classic

    THOMAS R. PHELAN | President & CEO

  3. I love it… those gods and substances… a place of comforting numbness destroyed.

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