poetry by j matthew waters

petroleum jelly

waiting to get her hair done
Mabelline perused a fashion magazine
safely sitting alone expressionless in the corner

behind either of her shoulders
large windows invited a southern sun
shining brightly but not packing much punch

she lifted her eyes and turned
spotted a red sports car speeding by
shouting ‘look at me I’m burning gasoline’

jack hammers pounded nearby
dismantling streets menaced with pot holes
slightly shaking the tile floor beneath her feet

suddenly stirred with unusual thoughts
she imagined a burglar broke into her home
carelessly rummaging through her medicine cabinet

march two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “petroleum jelly

  1. Noapte bună, prieteni dragi,
    Să visați doar ingerași,
    Ce se plimbă pe un nor
    Să vă spuna somn ușor!
    Să vă sufle peste gene
    Împreună cu Moș Ene
    Să vă legene ușor,
    Noapte bună tuturor!

  2. You painted a really intriguing scene. Well written. 🙂

  3. How an outer landscape can send an inner landscape off into the strangest of places. As Olga said – “Intriguing”.

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