poetry by j matthew waters

gone for the winter and promise to return

please forgive me for asking
but how much in the world
did you pay for your time machine

do you sleep in it every night
turning back time
or do you always look so lovely by
possessing the kind of fountain
long sought after
but never found by modern man

years pass by and my body
gradually gives way
my heart growing weary
(not from worry
but) by forgetting to keep
your beauty all to myself

in the cool autumn air
I wave goodbye as you leave me
never looking back

you say the time machine
will one day bring you home

you say the southern waters
welcome us both

but I concede I must stay behind
keeping the winter warm
while praying for your safe return

april two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “gone for the winter and promise to return

  1. I’m just stunned by how much feeling is in these verses. I read it, then listened, then read it once more.


  3. Willow on said:

    I was just talking about Persephone a few minutes ago.

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