poetry by j matthew waters

testing testing one two sleep

in the dream I am running further
and further away from my home
fully aware that whatever
is on my tail is no longer

I awaken on sunday morning
in my downtown office
dressed in shorts and a tie
swearing to myself
the air smells like a lie

a close friend I had yet to meet
stares into a personal device
telling me to walk this way
and I follow like a man in a trance
at six sixty-six in the morning

the streets are crowded with faces
staring inside their own hands
mindlessly ringing up stores sales
while the lights on every bank
on every street corner go dark

this is all impossible I say to myself
and as I start my long trek home
I’m confronted by an old pair
of nicely dressed nutcrackers
informing me there is no way out

may two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “testing testing one two sleep

  1. How strange. I have been having that dream every day – – –

  2. This really does feel like a dream. I love the line ‘The air smells like a lie’.

  3. I feel my hands starting to sweat.

  4. At first I thought you were dreaming it was Christmas again

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