poetry by j matthew waters

like those who matter most

water washes away the past
cleanses if you will
like the dirt you once kicked
down dusty fields

sometimes you mixed the dirt
with water
and turned them into clay animals
set them strategically in the open
only to hunt them down in the dead of night
switchblade at your side
the full moon your flashlight

so many years later the rains fell so hard
gushing down the hill
penetrating your fortress walls
filling the boxes
where you stored many other
surreal adventures
untouched for decades

you cried for days
having thought you lost
the imagination of your past
only to remember
what was lost can one day be restored
like the lives of those who matter most

may two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “like those who matter most

  1. This moves me deeply. I came back to read it again

  2. Morgan M Byers on said:

    I love it

  3. hey sweetheart good morning i am patricia fore we havent been formally introdued but, I was wondering if you can guide me on how to say the poem audio like you do. I would love to practice the skill and better my voice, seeing how i love to listen to your poem when you voice it and i think i always wanted to tell you that also that i love your work

  4. The surrealism of those clay animals is perfect.

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