poetry by j matthew waters

living and dying in peace


she gave birth to a fatherless
child on a moonless night
the kind of night where the
cries of the wild played
havoc with the sciatica nerve


she was born the color blue
growing up in a neighborhood
best described as positioned
on the fringes
where mail deliveries were often
postponed and religious
ideologies were seldom expressed

as previously mentioned
she never knew her father
though she had an idea
he may have been blue himself
taken away from this world
prematurely due to
hatred and bigotry
i.e.: senselessness

(after surpassing adolescence
she begged her mother to give in)

holding back tears her mother
explained how he was the most
peaceful man to walk amongst the
most misinformed people


as the years passed she learned
to accept all that is blue
embracing the uniqueness
that was all her own
perplexed why her father
was shot down in cold blood
while she was allowed
to live and die in peace

june two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “living and dying in peace

  1. So sadly appropriate for today.

  2. Blue being the new black. And, of course, something else takes its place: pink, perhaps? A fine piece.

  3. So apt, and so easy it might resurface…

  4. Blue is hard. At 67 I think I am content with where I am in life and suppose the blue had to be part of it as it must be for all of us. Thanks for your recent follow of my blog.

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