poetry by j matthew waters

slowing down this world of mine

she didn’t feel like putting on a party dress
didn’t feel like wearing a smile
no she only felt like kicking off her shoes
and putting her legs up in the far corner

the lowly lit lounge murmured with music
spoken words mingling into a single buzz
a certain mood magically created
using black lights and easy feelings

the server briskly returned with her order
nonchalantly placing a bar napkin
and half-filled glass of sonoma chardonnay
atop the table next to the plush ottoman

three doors down the show kept going on
and she relaxed her eyes
breathing shallowly
pretending nobody wondered where she was
imagining she was anything but visible

june two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “slowing down this world of mine

  1. And I daydream of serving her a beaker of mead and playing a lute to her aloneness. Thank you for creating this lovely mood.

  2. Pleasant Street on said:

    I hope the wine lasts as long as the music does~*~*


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