poetry by j matthew waters

until we conquer death we will never be able to broker peace

you kill for your god
you rape and maim and murder
all for your god

you carry objects in your pockets
a license to kill the guilty
along with the innocent

your god has made you judge
grand jury and executioner
and deservedly so
for he is a righteous dude
and his prejudices are warranted
even though he oftentimes transmits
disturbing orders
you have no choice but to carry out

all the real estate in the world
belongs to your god
and so you go out and capture
as many flags as you can

no questions asked

august two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “until we conquer death we will never be able to broker peace

  1. Excellent power and passion in this poem. It seems that there is no escape from fanaticism these days.

  2. Really relates to what’s happening in the world these days and throughout history. Very powerful and chilling poem!

  3. That got to the crux of it. Have you been invited to the Poets for peace project yet? I lose track of who I have asked, and I don’t want to badger you if again with the blurb. Could you let me know, please – we would love a contribution such as this.

  4. Religion is opium for the people..

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