poetry by j matthew waters

it may as well be sci-fi

top secrets rarely travel in attaché
cases (this day and age)
but can easily be found
sitting on bar stools
hovering near confessionals
or wandering around cemeteries
or horse tracks or race tracks
rubbing elbows in governor mansions
carelessly or recklessly releasing
sublimity to the airwaves
to the sound waves
across ocean waves
intercepted and translated
and rebroadcasted (in high-definition)
becoming public knowledge
inside taprooms and coffee shops
offering free just-in-time wi-fi
and accepting amazon gift cards

august two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “it may as well be sci-fi

  1. Yes.. being a spy is easy these days…

  2. Great style, makes me think about some intimate declamation of existentialist poems in a french club , or a beatnik one; right now, just coming out of my phone !

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