poetry by j matthew waters

She loves me she loves me not

I keep telling myself I don’t know you
practicing in the mirror
seeing myself bowing down
lowering myself to my knees
reaching out and pulling your
wrists toward my lips

You didn’t mean to leave your mascara
bleeding like black ink
on my hands and
down your rose-colored cheeks
my skin like a paper towel
absorbing it all in

Somehow I missed a perfect chance
to find a perfect paradise
located beyond the border
somewhere past the looking-glass
now scattered on the floor
broken into tiny little pieces

september two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “She loves me she loves me not

  1. Love this one, John, and what a sultry voice you put on for the reading!

  2. You know I am not good at these comments but a click on a star just doesn’t seem enough for such gorgeous words, soul-melting words-

  3. Lara/Trace on said:

    ditto the above comments! xox

  4. Just like walking on scattered glass, our life seems full of missed opportunities

  5. Hi there, awesome write and reading.

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