poetry by j matthew waters

will you die for him

children playing out back
unrestricted by all the fences
digging foxholes and
sowing the lord’s seeds

dinnertime bells only delay
the inevitable
and just as their bellies
will never be full
most will find it nearly impossible
to ever grow old

september two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “will you die for him

  1. I’m all over this poem. I keep reading it over and over again, seeing different possibilities every time.

    To answer your question (that isn’t a question; it’s a command):


    A lowercased lord is only human, and unless he’s my husband or son, no way.

  2. I actually like reading it as if it’s a magical, cannibalistic, Tuck Everlasting piece. 🙂 But I’m kind of off the wall.

  3. The simple poem seems to hide layers of sorrow… the lord’s seed becoming the core around which the poem gyrate for me.

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