poetry by j matthew waters

breathing back to life

it was a shapely leaf
seemingly frozen on the asphalt
burnt orange and brown
with spots of faded yellow
and streaks of barn red

I happened upon it strictly
by accident as I crawled
on my hands and knees
searching for a place to sleep
through the dead of winter

picking it up carefully
I cupped it gently in my hands
cold to the touch like the
thinnest of glass
fragile like fairy wings

as it warmed in my palms
I blew on its outer edges
its unforgiving blades shuddering
like a little baby bird
or a big colorful butterfly

october two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “breathing back to life

  1. Pleasant Street on said:

    Beautiful words- a fitting way to begin October

  2. Profound.

    In some ways, bringing someone else back to life, or saving someone in some way, is a means of bringing yourself back to life.

  3. Wonderful John…that must be the best autumn poem I’ve read this year, and so original too!! 🙂

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