poetry by j matthew waters

midnight intolerance

some kids came by the house
on the fourth of july weekend
looking for signatures

they explained that hornets
had been moving into the neighborhood
and they’ll be damned
if they’re going to sit idly by
before a few turned into a swarm

I told them I wasn’t going to sign
their damn petition
that I liked the hornets
that I even kept some out back

I locked the screen door
and walked away
ignoring their name-calling
concerned how my outer walls
just became prime targets for
midnight egg throwing practice

october two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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14 thoughts on “midnight intolerance

  1. jellybean disco on said:

    I enjoy your writing immensely and look forward to you posting every day (feeling disappointed when you don’t).

    I like the way you tied the closing line back to the title, “midnight” perhaps representing skin color, or perceived-darkness of any kind. Also, this line draws out the fact that you are only practice, the real target being “midnight,” whatever (or whomever) that might represent.

  2. Interesting look at human intolerance. ❤

  3. No respect for personal choice. :/

  4. great work and so vivid

  5. We feel that this could happen for other things than hornets… and that eggs are just the first step

  6. I like the attitude and response! 😉 I intensely dislike petitions… they rarely achieve much.

  7. Hello Suzy and thanks so much for visiting here again and commenting on this particular piece.

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