poetry by j matthew waters

a-riding on a pony come memorial day

in wellington heights they say
leaders come and leaders go
some saying martin luther king
was born generations before
or after his time

january leads to february
streets warming to better ideas
parents and cops weary of getting past
valentine’s day without any
gunfire or stabbings

weeks later rumor has it
jesus christ consults with malcolm little
and chris columbus
dispelling myths about the
course of human history and
organizing neighborhood watches

they talked about having a parade
come summer solstice
off-duty officers shadowing children
gathered at curbside
collecting wrapped candy
thrown by yankee doodle himself

october two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “a-riding on a pony come memorial day

  1. The memory of Martin Luther is especially important this year… 500 years later the pope and Luther’s church are meeting.

  2. Well done, Matthew, and thank you for sharing it as part of 100TPC.

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