poetry by j matthew waters

a streetcar with no name

the sun won’t rise for a couple
hours more
but already the roads
are snow-covered above
and icy below

in most neighborhoods
the morning paper never arrives
and to anyone
daring to venture outside
experiences soft wood burning
and blackbirds squawking

up and down the streets
automobiles idle in driveways
or along curbsides
warming up to new ideas

(earlier a deadly accident
occurs on a lonely street corner)

you cannot hear it
nor can you sense it
you cannot even fathom it
until it slowly disseminates into the air
over a relatively short period of time

december two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “a streetcar with no name

  1. This is excellent. Great line break after “couple.”

    I also like the wood burning and blackbird lines. Also the stanza about “warming up” to new ideas. Then the last two lines of the poem.

  2. There is something so special about streets of the season.

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