poetry by j matthew waters

replacement parts

the plug on the shower drain
shuts just fine but
won’t stay open all the way

I bend over and push the
lever down but it eases back up
at best open a quarter of the way

I tell myself the mechanism
inside is old and simply
needs replacing

the puddle at my feet
grows larger by the minute
and while I stand there
scraping off an old layer of skin
I tell myself all it needs
is a little ball and chain

january two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “replacement parts

  1. That is awesome JD – Love it!

  2. Definitely a favorite.

  3. This is just one of those little details that keep us unhappy.

  4. denise0904 on said:

    hahaha. a shower, a ball and chain. Where do you get your ideas?

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