poetry by j matthew waters

forgotten fragments inside virtual minefields

do you even know anymore
exactly who you are
or do parts of you disappear
or change into something else
day after day after day

there was a time
when life wasn’t too complicated
but those days are long gone
and you are left wondering
who is pushing what buttons
and when for god’s sake is it going
to be your turn

people arrive and move on in your life
like clockwork
sometimes they reappear years later
and you are left wondering
what that is all about
and just like clockwork
those in power change hands
and the wars already in motion
suddenly change course
while others begin out of nothing

and if you stick around long enough
you will see friends become enemies
only to become friends again

but wars don’t seem to bother you
but obviously they bother those
thrown in the crossfire
destined to feel the pain you can
no longer feel
sitting somewhere in the dark
pondering mundane questions
about your mundane life
about those little pieces
that used to belong to you
but have disappeared
or changed into something else

february two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “forgotten fragments inside virtual minefields

  1. I know this person

  2. So much here, wow. Deeply moving, thoughtful, sensitive verses that I read twice-

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