poetry by j matthew waters

it’s gonna snow sometime soon

it’s early february
but the calendar has yet to turn

there’s no snow on the ground
but it’s cold as hell
people dressed for spring and shivering
whiskey beginning to wear off
hands shaking for another shot

the sun never shined in january
it was a record year

without the sun I can’t dream (she used to say)

I get up earlier and earlier every day
thinking I might catch the sun somehow

but you live in the valley (she says)

oh yes I keep forgetting

there’s no whiskey in the cupboard
it disappeared that wintry night
they took away my baby

when’s it going to snow again (she says)

february two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “it’s gonna snow sometime soon

  1. “without the sun I can’t dream” … I say this, too. Beautiful, Matthew.

  2. Without dreams there is no release..

  3. I live in the South, so I’ve had all sorts of sun this winter (thank goodness). Sure could go for some whiskey too …

  4. This makes me think of Dylan and one more cup of coffee… especially the valley below gives me a similar sentiment.

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