poetry by j matthew waters

apocalypse then and now

it’s come to this
mammals dressed in pants
fighting for territory on
principles born in the backwoods
countless centuries before christ

before dungeon and dragons
there was this game called
kill or be killed
and for whatever reason (ever since)
programmers can’t seem to shake the code

only the lowly and the few have witnessed
angels waiting in the wings
some perched atop palm trees
others drifting into the bay
hapless and humming
reluctantly waiting for the end to begin

april two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “apocalypse then and now

  1. Sharing this wider than normal. So important today of all days. (I have been listening to Pete Seeger all morning)

  2. Excellent. I love the objective distance implied by the narrator here.

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