poetry by j matthew waters

the tempest and the temptress

they torched the bridge again
in broad daylight
and everyone had a general
idea who did it
though nobody was talking

at the press conference the sheriff
flashed unfocused photos of
trolls with beards and billy goats
sporting handlebar mustaches

later in the evening
the moon appeared
like a spotlight on the city square
exposing shadows
creeping alongside buildings

pretending this can’t happen near you
you ignore all the warnings
chasing the tail of the storm
luring you back to london town

april two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “the tempest and the temptress

  1. The moon is always like a spotlight. Prettier when she’s seeing herself in the glass window of city’s skyscrapers. 🌹

  2. billy goats with handlebar moustaches….<3 it! 😀

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