poetry by j matthew waters

little pink houses

I saw you coming out of church
on a sunday no less
which kind of blew my mind
but who am I to say
what is jaw-dropping
and what is not

your son knew mine
once upon a peaceful time
but now neither know one another
at least not on a plane
that either of us are aware

we were never really friends
but now we are complete strangers
living in a city I always said
was nothing but a small town
dying to be be something it is not

may two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “little pink houses

  1. gypsy on said:

    I love that this is so dramatic, but because of your awesome title, I’m imagining this being about two little girls taking their Barbie world way too seriously.

    My best Barbie pal and I used to do this … spend the whole day building our city, detailing their lives. And if things didn’t unfold to our liking, man would we fight … sometimes even storming off and saying we couldn’t be friends anymore. 🙂

    It seemed so real at the time.

  2. Excellent details and action in this.

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