poetry by j matthew waters

cloud interpretations

there is this disconnect that exists
somewhere inside us
hanging out on the fringes
shadowed by a sun dog
pretending to be a drone

virtual viruses take a back seat
to the literal kind
the ones that erase real people
at incredible paces
unable to be stopped
(let alone undone)
by a simple kill switch

when you tug on the string
dangling inside your periphery
do you get a showering light
spreading good news
or is it something quite the opposite
or something else entirely

may two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “cloud interpretations

  1. denise0904 on said:

    oh this sounds like an epiphany?

  2. Shawna on said:

    This is excellent. Fine work. You are a gifted poet.

  3. The references and images from war still made me think of life.

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