poetry by j matthew waters

inspiring to be free

it’s three o’clock and I’ve no place to go
whether it be day or night
or minutes before or seconds after

physically I am not paralyzed
though my mind is working on making it so
playing on the pretense
I have the power to make time stand still

birdsongs stream through an open window
a background score composed and
recorded by a higher power

like a man in a trance I rise to the occasion
and find myself reaching out into the darkness
collecting whole notes and half notes
quarter notes and many other partial notes
stashing them into a leather satchel
so that I may later release them
after I am well on my way

june two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “inspiring to be free

  1. I love the way you release your music, Beethoven.

  2. The voice note complemented the poem. Great read !

  3. Nice work 👌

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