poetry by j matthew waters

ark of the billy goats

there was four of us who went out
to fix the fence after all them
winds blew through

pa put us in charge
and there was no way in hell
jack and the billy boys were
gonna cross otter creek

it was a ‘noah’ storm
at least that’s what we called them
kind that renders rain gauges useless
and pickup trucks limited

wooden gate guards county line
(once pieces of an old barn)
gives way from fence post
tossed into the swelling stream
like Tom Sawyer’s river raft

three goats somehow climb atop
hanging ten (or whatever their number is)
all four of us giving chase
like some kind of cartoon maniacs
racing across the water

june two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “ark of the billy goats

  1. Rene on said:

    Ha. This is hilarious. Love the ending. 😛

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