poetry by j matthew waters

wounded angel

I set the oscillating fan on the second
of three settings
blowing warm air straight through
the wounded angel

I don’t think she’s breathing
I say while trying to make the fan oscillate

I don’t know if angels actually breathe she said
wrapping a cold press across his forehead

aren’t angels supposed to be helping us
I say pressing button after button

would you just leave that damn thing alone
she said and help me move her
back into the shade

that damn sun keeps moving I say
he’s not looking so hot
shouldn’t we call 9-1-1 or something

no we’re not going to call 9-1-1 she said
what are you fucking crazy

july two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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14 thoughts on “wounded angel

  1. This gave me a nice warm grin. Thank you.

  2. denise0904 on said:


  3. brilliant as you can be

  4. fantastic…and I’m quite sure she is or will be fine 😉

  5. I would so love the ambulance to come.

  6. This has a lot of energy in it, very cool. I hope s/he makes it

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