poetry by j matthew waters

I’ll have what she’s having

sex and drugs and rock n roll
depleted all my dopamine
but avocados and good night sleep
keep hopes alive for revival

dreams breathing shallowly
caught in shadows that barely move
needing a burst of starlight
to awaken adrenal and expose

black and white and all the greys
may not readily reminisce
for without increasing libido
so many struggle to coexist

july two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

author’s note:
“There are about 86 billion neurons in the human brain. They communicate with each other via brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Dopamine is a major neurotransmitter that’s a key factor in motivation, productivity, and focus. It’s dopamine that provides the zest for life. Lifestyle habits, diet, and illness can deplete your dopamine, sapping the joy out of life. If you aren’t living life to the fullest, a low dopamine level may be the reason. There are many ways you can increase dopamine naturally.”

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4 thoughts on “I’ll have what she’s having

  1. denise0904 on said:

    love this….

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