poetry by j matthew waters

mister moon and me

I hadn’t noticed how much the moon
had changed in such a short period of time
and I was beginning to believe
perhaps it was I evolving even faster

I told my daughter the other day
I wasn’t the same person from ten years ago
and as she nodded in agreement
I wasn’t sure she truly believed me

I keep sticking my hands in my pockets for
no particular reason
and everytime I bring them back out
I look at them in complete amazement

I remember as a child I would play in the bathtub
with armies and fishes made of soap
and after a while I would exclaim
look mom I have old man hands again

now the moon is the oldest man I’ve ever known
and I tell myself I will get there one day
as long as I don’t lose sight of its wonders
and the all possibilities it displays

august two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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13 thoughts on “mister moon and me

  1. Lovely. Time is strange and very mailable, until your hands are always old.

  2. denise0904 on said:

    oh I love this. just went to the top of my favourite list.

  3. You know I’d love this so. 🌹

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