poetry by j matthew waters

troubles here to stay

shadows are my friends and they
visit me often when least expected
whether I’m elated or tearful
or simply content with melancholy

rarely they bring me flowers but
when they do they are black and white
roses or begonias or pink petunias
since they know what I like

sometimes they tell me it’s okay to
change my name if need be
but I pretend not to listen and smile
turning ordinary thoughts into bouquets

it’s like a game this thing called love
suddenly evolving into something
that never existed yesterday
like a sunflower seed with promise

august two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “troubles here to stay

  1. Purple flowers… tell them to bring purple flowers.

  2. C.M. Blackwood on said:

    You know, sometimes you really think on the thoughts behind a particular piece. I’m thinking on the thoughts behind this one. They are resonating with me. 🙂

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