poetry by j matthew waters

there is compassion in this world

exposed to your predicament
I refuse to feed my face
instead spend my free time
determining how to calm your fears

you say there is no place to go
and I say you’ve got to be kidding
if only you would accept the hand
reaching out to help you

september two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “there is compassion in this world

  1. Well done! Excellent writing and a strong reading!

  2. You are so talented, John 😊

  3. I guess some people are impossible to help! I was just thinking how your poems are like mini stories… well I say like… they ‘are’ mini stories. The opening a book in a random place and reading what the eye falls on, then wanting to bookmark to read more. Good to read your poetry again John… sorry it’s been a while. 🙂

  4. Kendra Lynn on said:

    Love this!!

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