poetry by j matthew waters

children breaking new ground

perpetual revolution
a lifelong struggle defined by tiny stories
woven in and out of blankets
crafted in afghanistan

messages fly halfway across the
planet in a matter of mere seconds
complicating efforts of diplomats
struggling to keep up with the flow

you and I can meet on any street
corner on any given day
reaching for something undefinable
something certainly not touchable

one day children will be forced
to teach children the basics
digging and uncovering
discovering and enlightening

true possibilities do exist
and this concept of history
repeating itself for centuries on end
gradually gives way to hope

september two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “children breaking new ground

  1. I’m fighting with my yard right now. So that’s how I’m reading this — as if it’s about pulling weeds, studying ants, and thinking while we work.

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