poetry by j matthew waters

tapping my foot to the beat of the drum

I liked how the crow’s nest was within
walking distance from my place
its pink rooftop like a beacon
calling out my otherworldliness

Intellectuals and up-and-comers and
has-beens frequent the place
sprouting post-modern hallucinations
by way of fermented imaginations

Of course I am an outsider with a
photographic mind and a microphone
picking up prose and poetry
that seems to reside on the airwaves

Sitting unnoticed at the dark end of the bar
I systematically imbibe local ale
memorizing their stoic faces
second-guessing my unfounded fears

october two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “tapping my foot to the beat of the drum

  1. Drifted through your poetic words and at the end realized , so was I. ❤

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