poetry by j matthew waters

forever in a day

know this day will come and you will
live in peace

be mindful of everything around you
and you will find peace within yourself

there is comfort within the forest of your soul
where trees grow tall and all the animals
on this earth live in harmony

you are the root and the tree and the leaf
the fruit that grows bright and fades
only to return season after season

you are mindful of all things around you
and you protect them when they need protecting
and comfort them when they are lonely

be in love with the morning sun
the noonday sun
and the setting sun

come to know the moon and you will know
yourself better than anyone
and by doing so
will come to understand there is a need
for all things living

there is peace in this day
just as there is peace in all the days that follow

november two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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5 thoughts on “forever in a day

  1. what beauty you create here!

  2. How can anything so simple be so hard to comprehend.

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