poetry by j matthew waters

forever green

sitting in the dark
watching cars pass by
snow quietly falling
not a star in sight

everything’s unplugged
sound of winter settles in
pulsating candlelight
casting shadows on walls
touching rags and bones

other world sleeps upstairs
while down below you
redraw black & white dreams
subtracting out the bad
adding new color
until every ornament
collected throughout the years
is perfectly placed
on your imaginary tree

december two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “forever green

  1. Thank you for this one, my friend. May you and yours have a great Holiday Season.

  2. What a lovely poem. Poignant, quiet, reflective and lovely!!

  3. What an amazing blog you have

  4. Belated Christmas wishes, and may 2018 bring you everything you require for the health and happiness of those you love.

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