poetry by j matthew waters

like a resurrected angel

you’ve seen these people
talking with their hands
I want to know what they know
somehow tap into their insights

they are not like those politicians
or preachers or snake oil solicitors
using sleight of hand maneuvers
like a charlatan or imposter or pretender
like an everyday carnival barker
like a false prophet delivery incoherent babble
promising some sort of tipping point

ever since yesterday’s crash
time has blossomed
supposedly ushering worldwide prosperity
the disadvantaged growing in numbers
thriving in ways inexplicable
like a resurrected angel

december two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “like a resurrected angel

  1. I’m a flamboyant hand-talker, so you know I dig this. 🙂

    The last stanza is my favorite — especially “time has blossomed.”

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