poetry by j matthew waters

snowed in on a saturday night

it’s another saturday night and all I got
is some elton john and guess who
your aces and eights beating
my sixteens and seventeens and eighteens

it’s gotten to the point it’s not funny anymore
though I tell you to shuffle yet again
expecting a different outcome

you’ve got me hypnotized she would say
but all I could see was her wide awake eyes
showing me signs throughout the night
I’ve never once considered

I keep changing vinyls on turntable
mostly long plays but some forty-fives
plenty of sunshine stored in the fridge
otherwise keeping warm by candlelight

january two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “snowed in on a saturday night

  1. Maybe you’re playing the wrong games, Mister. Sixteens, seventeens, eighteens — definitely high.

    You prolly didn’t mean it that way, but I sure thought the third stanza was hella kinky-hot.

  2. I love records – I want a record player

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