poetry by j matthew waters

a winter that wasn’t

there is a package on the doorstep
but nobody is home to accept it

another package is added to the first
and then another and yet another

letterbox has slowly been filling
and gradually overflows

passersby notice the accumulation
their curiosity growing
some thinking they can hear telephone
ringing and ringing and ringing

a grey tiger gazes out picture window
but nobody seems to notice how
desperate she may be

eventually thieves pick up the packages
and empty the letterbox
eventually cat abandons window sill

weeks go by
followed by people coming and going

gradually things seem to change for the better
the color of the siding
the style of the windows
the vehicles parked in the carport

come springtime there are children
playing in the backyard
and the people strolling by
are once again smiling

january two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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18 thoughts on “a winter that wasn’t

  1. eventually thieves pick up the packages
    and empty the letterbox
    eventually the cat abandons the window sill

    Wow. Wow! Love the letter E usage, love that sense of loss as it happens. Well done!!

  2. this piece is just so mesmerizing… keeps me coming back to read it again and again. beautifully crafted… the subtle melancholia really grabs on. thank you for sharing!

  3. just tell me the cat made it out okay.

  4. And here I sit humming Eleanor Rigby…. “all the lonely people…”

  5. This is lovely!! Very much a story… and reality too. It’s strange how long situations and people can stay the same, and yet, suddenly totally change… I’m looking at something very similar in my own neighbourhood. Sad, but also joyful… life is a strange mix of feelings and events. 🙂

  6. I think this now is one of my favorites of yours! -Alan

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