poetry by j matthew waters

seven come eleven

travelers and visitors
and even some locals
could never resolve
north from south
in this dirty rivertown
mainly due to mississippi
snaking through from
east to west

when floating casinos
arrived at the docks
it made the rich
even richer
leaving the poor
picking up the scraps
and scratching
state-issued lottery tickets

downtown bus station
sees greyhounds
coming and going
on the hour every hour
from 6 am until midnight
taking out the weary
and welcoming in the
delusional and the hopeful

february two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “seven come eleven

  1. belle jars on said:

    “taking out the weary
    and welcoming in the
    delusional and the hopeful”


  2. This is how I imagine a town… and mistaking north from south, you paint the crossroad and people passing in all shades of grey.

  3. I enjoyed this one very much.

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