poetry by j matthew waters

waiting game

waiting for that call
perfect storm arriving
though not as predicted

waiting for water to break
pacing unfamiliar hallways
hoping and praying for
feline to return
after one year hiatus

word spreads of vigil
held throughout the world
children chanting for peace
the fate of millions
hanging in the balance

if you could see the stars
you could see the candles
burning in the midnight wind

practicing undue restraint
you sit back in silence
waiting for that call

february two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “waiting game

  1. Shawna on said:

    My goodness, this is gorgeous! Completely unreal-fantastic-blowing-my-mind-captivating poetry. Wow. I love it.

    This is my favorite, for some reason. It seems so profound:

    “if you could see the stars
    you could see the candles”

    To me, this takes a labor and delivery waiting room to a surreal plane, stretching from a personal situation to the whole world, sort of looping back and forth between a man waiting for his wife to have a baby to what the whole world is going through to Jesus’s birth to who-knows-what’s-going-on surreality.

    Major awesomeness, in other words.

  2. this could describe your poems just as well. the waiting, the words, and finally the stars that one sees from your descriptions. lovely

  3. A perfect way to tie back that ‘call’ concept into the ending. So seamless–well done as always!

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