poetry by j matthew waters

fine tuning propaganda

the machinist was nowhere to be found
when he was most needed

for a moment the world seemed to end
but alas it was just a correction of sorts
and most everyone seemed to go about
their day as if nothing had ever happened

the chemist was called in to answer
a number of trick questions
but he didn’t have anything to say
was quickly dismissed when refusing
to comment on the current regime

in the meantime the machinist
was nowhere to be found
and at some point the prophets started
issuing their own interpretations

sometime in the near future
a number of small towns along
route number sixty-six
disappeared off the map

(next day) evening news
started in the wee early hours
proclaiming how the machinist
had resurfaced after retooling
a number of instruments
responsible for turning this world

february two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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