poetry by j matthew waters

early afternoon memoirs

I made pekoe for two
in my red porcelain teapot
but it was just me and my thoughts
retiring to the sunroom
bird songs in the background
streams of consciousness meandering
inside sublime daydreams
mixing fantasy with memories
and all that was meant to be

february two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “early afternoon memoirs

  1. I especially adore the first four lines. (I have an affinity for teapots. Grandma had a whole collection.)

    I love the image of you having a tea party with your thoughts.

  2. i love your imagery here

  3. Can just see that red teapot, thank you

  4. What is left when the tea leaves…

  5. I loved this one particularly, so short and sweet and warm!

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