poetry by j matthew waters

routine annual physical

sometimes I don’t even know myself
in fact at times I’m somebody
else entirely
and I wonder quite often
who the hell I’ve been talking to

and all the people coming in
and out of my life
I hardly know them either

my doctor says it’s perfectly normal
to become disconnected at my age
proceeds to ask me how much
alcohol I’ve been consuming these days

oh I don’t know I say lifting my eyebrows
maybe one or two drinks a day I suppose

oh I see she says
followed by a couple of coughs
a few strokes of the keyboard
smiling politely and soon thereafter
sending me on my merry way

I know she knows I’m lying
but it doesn’t really matter
and when I get home from the tavern
I crack open another beer

by this time I’ve already convinced
myself it wasn’t me lying to her
but that other guy
the one who knows me better
than I know myself
the one who comes and goes
at his imperious leisure

march two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “routine annual physical

  1. that other us seems to have a lot more fun don’t they?

  2. Maple on said:

    This is fantastic. I’m especially impressed with the final stanza.

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