poetry by j matthew waters

It’s my island

It’s wise not to force anything
but sometimes you have to go with your gut
cut your losses and move on

This place isn’t for me anymore
sleepwalking by day and
scrambling for words at night
giving the nod to asinine ideas
paying at the pump
ordering groceries on the cloud
drinking craft beer at overpriced taprooms

With google maps or better yet
google satellite
you can go just about anywhere anytime
like the streets of Malta for example
where you can find a flat for
500 pounds a month
where all you need are
polaroid sunglasses and camera
sandals for your feet
a single speed bicycle
and an Internet connection
to check on your brokerage account

march two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “It’s my island

  1. sounds nice…

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