poetry by j matthew waters

lemon alabaster

“I’m sorry I can’t come
to the phone right now
I’m working on my imagination”

What kind of message is that
I ask her
perturbed about not getting
a return call three days now

she’s doing her nails on the
propped-up la-z-boy
eyes looking down
muted x-files rerunning on the wall

it’s not a message
it’s a greeting
she says
still looking down
working her file like some
violin virtuoso

she’s a bitch
that’s all I got say
my eyes darting about
searching for the remote

I’ve dreamed up a new color she says
do you want to know what it is

no I do not I reply
I just want her to call me back

march two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “lemon alabaster

  1. Thank you. I now have a new message on my message bank – – –

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  3. I am swooning over that title. Gorgeous word pairing. Fabulous storytelling throughout.

    Superb line breaks.

    “working her file like some
    violin virtuoso” … This and the part about making up a new color are my favorites.

  4. Whole thing is just excellent, lovely reading!

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